COVID-19 Protocol

We continue to work with Illinois Department of Public Health, The Centers for Disease Control and state regulatory teams to ensure we are meeting all expectations to help in the prevention of any virus cases within our communities.

  • All team members and essential visitors will always continue to wear masks, and gloves when appropriate.
  • All team members and essential visitors will continue to observe standard contact and droplet precautions
  • All visitors and team members will continue to be screened with their temperature taken at entry to the community.
  • All residents’ temperatures will continue to be taken at least twice per day.
  • Small group activities and communal dining is available daily in all communities.
  • The interior of the community is open to residents for movement without restriction with physical distancing protocols in place.
  • The community will work with families to allow social visits by appointment. Family visitors are available by appointment in a private isolated location inside or outside of the community (weather pending). All visitors are required to complete the screening form and have their temperature taken and comply with use of a mask and physical distancing protocols.
  • Salon is available by private appointment with required personal protective equipment and sanitizing and disinfecting of areas and equipment between use.